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Earth Day

bleached-white tiny fossils of a duck

four months —five months? since we met last

organs, excavated

feathers sparse, marks of time

unthreading sinew,

pale orange webbed motors

little nothing

of Oneness

no eyes no heart no lungs

maggots! make way for Now & Laters, Ritz, Twix, Tootsie rolls, Kettle, Hostess, Frito-Lay, Keebler, Chex, Cola, Cola, Cola, Cola, Cola, Hershey, Doritos, Kotex, Airheads, Little Debbie, Wonka, Oscar-Meyer, Oberto, Quaker, Honey Maid

(all natural) (organic) (USDA approved) (100% wheat) (recyclable) (renewable) (sustainable)

dropped here, forgotten, by human hands

hands: for invention, for demolition

plastic! seep to Our Iron Core

our Engine

revs; it sputters, kicks

converge, diverge; we rebuild

fiercer, much too sustainable we are

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