RABBIT, 2014

Without trying to give you the standard pitch, it’s about a male American folklorist, aged twenty-seven, collecting ghost stories across states for freelance pieces. Along the halfway point of a 4,000 mile road trip through humid forestry and dry canyons, J meets with his homeless, mentally-ill father for the first time since age five. There are musings on sizes of stars and fragile creatures, the deaths of rabbits; mostly, it is a frantic hunt for family and its definition.

J.J. Smith

Managing Editor Renda Dodge met Jared at 2011′s PNWA Writer’s Conference. She loved his ability to write and passion for the craft and started following him on Twitter and Facebook. When Jared announced the completion of the editing and revision of Rabbit in Fall of 2012, she asked to see it instantly.  New addition to Pink Fish Press, Developmental Editor Marissa Bea is the primary editor on the book.

Look for the book in early 2014!


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