this is the front page to a website

you are reading the first sentence of a front page to a website. there are links above which will direct to a blog, some short fiction, out-of-print fiction, music, photography. my name is Jared John Smith and here are some of the things I have done:

my first novel was contracted when I was 19. I cancelled this contract after waiting in developmental hell for two years. writers beware: this can be a seedy industry where some presses will sign dozens of contracts, unable to keep up with what they’ve signed, resulting in a two year long queue because your editor can’t juggle her ongoing divorce and getting past chapter one. find the right home for your work.

my second novel was published in 2014. it’s title was Rabbit. the press went under and returned the rights to me. Rabbit is now out of print. things happen.

I frequent Post 134 in the Alberta District in Portland. it’s an old American Legion Hall run by writer, painter, veteran, and good friend, Sean Davis. we do readings there.

I am finishing a short story collection, previewing fragments through Nailed Magazine, Post 134 readings, a Blue Skirt Press summer tour, and closed workshops.

I am writing a small-town drama dealing with parents’ obsessions with their children’s sexual maturity. this is one volume out of six planned titles designed to be read out of order.

I am turning 26 this June. my favorite food is pizza. my favorite music album is The Lonesome Crowded West. my favorite film this year is Mad Max: Fury Road. I like everything AMC.

you can email me anytime: jjsmithauthor at gmail dot com